Tuesday 27 February 2018

Water Harvesting Anywhere

So, in my mad dash to the mountains I forgot all but one of my bottles of water at work. 

Before you freak at me for buying bottles of water, let me clarify that they are two litre soda bottles that I keep refilling with water.

I have found that two litre bottles are the right size to handle and store. They are not too large and heavy to handle (such as my 5 gallon jug) yet hold a decent amount of water.

I keep them at work (during winter) because there, they won’t freeze. I typically take one or two home each day so I can have water at home to: drink, cook and wash with.

I tuck those bottles into bed during the evening and keep them there at night, again so they won’t freeze. 

I have found that these bottles filled to the tippy top (as in you literally can’t get another drop into them) will stay liquid far longer than a partially full bottle of water.

So there I was with only one two litre bottle of water with me, certainly this was not going to last the weekend and so I needed to refill it. 

Yet, here I was at the typical bathroom sink and my problem was obvious.

So, I needed to figure out a convenient way to refill it in this sink. Here is what I came up with, and what you will need.

First fill the cup with water.

Then put the funnel into the top of the two litre bottle (unless your aim is stellar).

Then pour the water into the bottle by way of the funnel.

Then simply repeat as needed. For the last fill, lift the funnel up and just pour slowly into the funnel as you aim it still into the bottle. 

This way you can get that bottle filled to the tippy top, yet still use that funnel.

For those of you “bottling your own water” I hope this tip helps.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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