Thursday 22 February 2018

The Duality and The Bleeding

I was able to balance my budget and put that extra hundred that I have wanted to, into my Mid-Term Savings Account. (YAY!)

This then begins what I see as the “Duality Payperiod;” as in the payperiod between today and the morning of the 7th. Why? 

Well, while on one hand I will be living as frugally as I can, on the other I will be racking up quite a credit card bill. 

I have: Wanda’s Repairs, the hotel bill (for when I am not in Wanda) and the eating out costs of not having a kitchen to pay for. 

All of this I will be putting on my low-interest Rate Credit Card. Don’t freak, it will all be paid for during the “Payperiod of Bleeding.” 

You see, due to the fact that February only has only 28 days in it, the last payperiod of this month is the shortest and my smallest cheque of all (I only have 66 hours on it). 

I am taking a full 25% hit on the paycheque on the 7th . . . (that’s my rosiest estimate) . . . ouch. 

Yet this will be the payday that I will settle this large bill, so I will dip into savings and pay for it. 

I am thankful that this is not as large of a deal as it was in the past. As I have worked hard to reduce my expenses to the point that they are, yet it wasn’t always so.

I will get back to savings in one month from today, for now, I will get back on track and do what I can to keep my frugal head about me as I go through this next month.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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