Wednesday 21 February 2018

Homes, Homes, and More Homes

I mention a few different “Homes” throughout this blog and there seems to be a bit of confusion around which is which. 

First of all, I only really have one home: Wanda. Wanda is the name that I have given my trailer. 

I tow Wanda around behind my truck (“Treabilla”: named after a character in an unpublished novel of mine.)

The various places or areas that I park Wanda in are what I call my various “Homes.”

This is a play on the concept of the very rich having various homes spread out all over the place. 

Since my home is wherever I park it, wherever I am is home. Yet there are regular places that I park my home in, which have become my “Home”, or neighbourhoods, to me. Here are the top three.

Eastern Home

First, and the Home that I spend most of my time in, is my Eastern Home. 

The company that I work at is located in an industrial park, that industrial park is my Eastern Home. 

When I am in my Eastern Home, I am parking on the street and so there is little comfort here. I don’t have my slide-out out, so space is a bit “cosy”. 

I also don’t put my stabilizer jacks down, so there is a bit of sway as I walk or move. After all, a trailer is a box on springs, on wheels, so it moves and acts as such. .

I park in one spot at night and move to park at another spot during the day. The distance between these two spots is 1KM door to door. 

I do this to never been seen always in one spot and never moving. Never moving is one sure-fire way to attract unwanted attention or otherwise get a ticket, in my opinion.

Western Home

The place that I spend the second most amount in is my Western Home. My Western Home is a “Big Box Store Shopping Area.” 

At least that it the best way to describe it, imagine a neighbourhood made up of “Big Box Retail Stores, and you have an idea of my Western Home. 

One particular Big Box Store, for the most part doesn’t mind people parking there, so this is where I go for the weekend, (most weekends).

I always park in the outskirts of the parking lot and look for places that people are not using anyways. 

I try to be considerate when I am here and be a good neighbour. I also do my weekly grocery shopping in the Big Box Store whose parking lot I am staying in.

Staying in my Western Home is nice because I do have my stabilizer jacks down and my slide-out out. 

So there is space and comfort and I can use Wanda, as she was designed to be used. 

The other thing is that I have a bit of space around me and I don’t have traffic zipping by me, two feet from my window, as I do in my Eastern Home. 

Mountain Home

The last place that I consider a Home of mine is my Mountain Home. I do not spend nearly as much time here, as I would like. 

My Mountain Home is the campground in Banff. I have a particular camping spot that I like as the view is breathtaking. 

I have sometimes called this place my “Very Western Home,” but I have settled on the name of “Mountain Home.”

In addition to enjoying all of the advantages of my Western Home, (apart from the store right there) I also have steady access to electricity. 

I can also dump my tanks and fill my fresh water tanks, in the warm seasons of course. 

This is a place that I like to go to unwind and relax, but each time I go here, I have to be ready to spend $200.00 to do so, in camping fees and extra fuel for the truck.

This is not a place that I can go to every weekend, but I do go as often as I can work it into the budget.

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