Tuesday 6 February 2018

Wanda’s Repair Date

Okay, so Wanda finally has a date with the RV Dealership’s repair shop. That date is at the end of this month, as in the last day of this month, the 28th.

The upside with the wait, which I expected, was that they will be able to slip Wanda in and out fairly quickly, which lowers my hotel bill.

There is still the one subcontractor for one part of the repairs, which I may have to deal with on my own. 

They have not, as yet, gotten back to the RV Dealership with regards to an estimate of time and cost. 

Such is life. So, I am going ahead with the repairs that the RV Dealership can do itself. 

As for me, and how I am doing with regards to this cold snap. I am doing fine, I know how to handle the cold weather. 

I am still just hibernating the cold snap away, so while I am spending more time than I wanted in my bed, I am at least warm (and I have a nice: comfy and warm bed.

This morning was warmer than it was when I went to bed. This warming trend will continue and by the weekend things should be not so bad, weather-wise. 

I am still just getting through winter, and not enjoying it; perhaps that can be a challenge for next winter . . . we shall see. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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