Monday 12 February 2018

I Swiffered My Ceiling

So, there I was, having one of those “why am I doing this?” moments. The weather warmed up to around freezing on Saturday. 

This meant that all of the ice and frost inside the trailer (which had built up on every surface) started to melt. So the dripping started. 

This led me to start to wipe down the ceiling to gather up the water. The rag was frozen long before I finished.

Then, I had to finish the job of removing the water and ice by using my Swiffer to scrub the frost off of the ceiling. 

It was a bit odd but it was needed to be done. 

The other thing that I did this weekend was to do my laundry . . . and organize my clothes storage. 

You see, I have one large overhead cupboard that I use for my clothes storage. It is literally one large rectangular space with two doors in it. 

While it may be okay for those of you whose houses do not move around, it doesn’t work for me. 

Why? Well, what starts out as neat piles in there quickly get knocked over and strewn about after me driving my house down the road. 

So, I came up with this . . . 

Those are clear containers that I can just about get in and out of there by lifting them up and angling them in and out. 

I am able to fit eight containers in there with a bit of space behind the containers and above them as well. 

This way my stuff stays where I put them and I can clearly see what I have. This may seem a bit too “retentive” but I don’t have a chest of drawers.

That little plastic bag tucked in the back there is my bag of lonely socks. 

Those are good socks made lonely by the fact that their partner sock wore out and had to be thrown out. 

They are waiting for another sock to be made lonely so they can be a good new pair. My way of reducing waste. 

Always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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