Wednesday 28 February 2018

My Home While My Home is Away This Week

So, Wanda went in for service yesterday after work. She will be in for repairs until (it is planned) Friday afternoon. 

As we all know, things may not go as planned, so we shall see what actually happens. I am optimistic, though, and am confident that things will be done on time.

I am looking forward to having my propane system working again, amongst other things. Yet, I am not looking forward to the bill, though it is manageable.

What this means is that I checked into a hotel in my Eastern Home. It was a treat for me, and I appreciated all manner of simple things. 

(A shower in my room for one, heat for another, and yes running water.)

Here is a shot of my home while my home is away.

There are other repairs to be done, and I am looking at upgrading my batteries so that they can work in temps below -20C. 

I have yet to find a satisfactory product, so I am still looking. 

I refuse to waste resources and gasoline running my generator every two days in the dead of winter when that same generator run time would last me a week in summer.

I will continue to enjoy the treat that staying in the hotel is and not think of the bill. This is all part of the cost of repairs, when you live in your RV full time. 

I will also get back to building my savings, on the 22nd of March. Yet I will do so with a working propane system once again.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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