Tuesday 9 January 2018

Take The Win (Even a Bare Win)

So, Yesterday, after work, was my running around for Payday. Since my actual Payday was on Sunday and my bank was closed, I deposited my paycheque yesterday.

I know that there are a thousand ways to deposit my cheque and do my banking, but I just like walking in and dealing with a human. 

In this age of the rush to digitalization and automation, I like doing my small bit to resist that trend . . . I like a world that has bank tellers and cashiers in it.

What that means is that at the end of my running around I sit down, pay my bills and shuffle my cash around. 

Each time I do a particular entry or task, I check off a “done” box on that line. So as to keep track of what is done and what is not.

This also lets me keep track of what payment has gone through and what has yet to go through. 

Again, this is so I can keep an eye on what my bank balances should be at all times . . . and that I don’t do something stupid which will bounce a payment. 

Yet, there I was staring at a budget sheet with all of the boxes ticked off (other than the ones I tick off at the end of this budgetary cycle).

This meant that all of what I had to pay in this budget cycle was done . . . on the eve of payday. 

This is a stark contrast to just a year or so ago, when there were always automatic payments going out.

I have what I need to get through until the next payday, so all I have to do is just muddle through and not spend anything (out of the bank).

I was a bit off in my estimation of fuel and so I had to dip into my personal overdraft for all of $5.00. 

Since this is my personal overdraft I can sit there until next payday and it will not cost me anything. I like that . . . the bank doesn’t.

I also like the fact that this budget saw me put 88% of my take home pay into savings.

I like that too. Especially when four years ago I couldn’t even save 2% let alone 12% . . . the thought of saving 88% would have been so foreign it would feel like winning the lottery. 

So, while I may wake up a bit grumpy due to the cold, my grumpy spells are much shorter. While I may be in my overdraft for $5.00, I am starting my savings plan.

My savings phase is starting and things are heading in the right direction. With the ouch season that is the early parts of the year (tax wise) being able to do any of this is a win. 

So, I will take the wins that I see, notice them and then keep moving forward, towards my goals.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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