Tuesday 23 January 2018

It’s Done; I’m Debt Free Again

Okay, so yesterday was Payday, which means I did my usual run to the bank. (Yes, I’m one of those old-fashioned folks who likes to walk into a bank and deal with a human).

I also did my after-banking-in-branch-online-banking in order to shuffle cash around and pay bills. 

One of those shuffling involved paying my low interest rate credit cards off . . . again. So, there you have it, I am once again debt free. 

I am still waiting to hear back about the estimate for Wanda’s repairs and upgrades. This way I can know how much the next big expense will be.

The repairs are repairs that do need to get done and the upgrades are ones with an eye to longevity in Wanda. 

I should hear back this week about how much they will cost as well as how long of a lead-time is needed before I can book Wanda in for those repairs and upgrades.

In the meantime I will put what I can into my Mid-Term Savings (starting next paycheque). 

The actual bill for those repairs and upgrades will once again be put on that low-interest rate credit card. 

I will pull the cash out of my Mid-Term Savings to take a bite out of that low-interest rate credit card. 

I will then put what I was putting into savings onto that same card each payday until it is once again paid off. 

After that, I will begin my savings plan . . . again. 

This will then begin the rebuilding of my depleted savings. In truth it will actually begin the building towards my dreams of: home ownership, a family and starting that town.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward.

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