Friday 26 January 2018

Cost Vs Benefit

Okay, so I got a partial estimate yesterday for the repairs and upgrades to Wanda. There is still one key item for which an estimate has not come back yet. 

So, the repairs are still on hold, for now. (Call me crazy, but I am not giving the repair shop a blank cheque with regards to this last, yet important, item.)

One of the things on the estimate was solar panels. I had inquired about having them put two solar panels on the roof (two was all that would fit).

They had a special and while I knew that the RV Dealership would not be the cheapest place, I talked to them for one very important reason. 

I talked to them because they know how to work with my RV and not damage it. As in I don’t want careless holes in my roof which will leak and therefore damage the whole trailer.

Yet, when the estimate came in for $995.00 for each (160 watt) solar panel plus ten hours of shop labour at $155.00 an hour totalling $3668.00 (plus GST), I balked.

Sure, it would be nice to have solar panels on the roof so as to stretch out the time between running my generator. (As well as go green, woo hoo.)

I have to say that $3668.00 will buy a whole whackload of generator fuel and that generator is only a 7hp motor and does not burn that much fuel. (4 – 6 hours a week.)

For me, living in this trailer is a temporary measure until I get to the property and begin the homesteading process. 

The benefit of having the solar panels (using the generator less as well as being green) does not outweigh the exorbitant expense. 

I am not debating the price of the panels themselves or the amount of labour. For the sake of argument I will assume that both are fairly priced and justifiable on behalf of the RV Dealership.

I am just saying that to spend that much and get not all that much in savings in return is not worth it. (Only governments can spend like this and “justify” it.)

The only way I would spend this kind of cash for solar panels is if I knew that the apocalypse (zombie of otherwise) was coming in a month or two.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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