Monday 29 January 2018

Bed Storage Problem Solved

Okay, so as some of you know, I have recently upgraded my mattress. It is a lovely mattress that is three times as thick as my previous mattress. 

(It’s heavenly to sleep on).

Yet, with it being thicker it is also heavier . . . much heavier. So this makes lifting it up and holding it up there much harder, and getting at the stuff under the bed much more difficult.

Thus, I came up with this solution . . . 

Yep, that is a table leg that is holding up the mattress. I bought it at the local home improvement store . . . who knew they sold spare table legs.

There it is, nothing special, just an ordinary dining room table leg that screws into a socket. 

This also presented a small challenge, what to do with that screw in top.

As you see there is that threaded end sticking out of the top where it would normally screw into its holder. 

This is a problem for me as that end would then be sticking into and damaging the wood of the flap of the under the bed storage area.

So I bought a spare leg holder (thing). As in that silver thing is what you would attach to the underside of the table.

I have used it to simply be the top of my leg. I just leave it screwed into the top of the leg. This way it is now the top of the leg and no damage is being done to the wood.

It just flops down to store nicely.

This is also important because I have to grab and position it with one hand (as quickly as I can) as I hold up the mattress with the other.

I was thinking of just getting a piece of doweling, but then I would have needed some sort of end on both sides in order to protect the floor and storage flap roof.

Attaching the metal piece to the top permanently would be silly as then I would have to hold up the mattress as I screw in the leg . . . then unscrew the leg when I am done.

This solution is simple, yet it works, a reoccurring theme I am finding these days.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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