Friday 12 January 2018

Seemingly Innocuous

We isolate ourselves until it is all that we know. My life is currently on hold and has been so for the past four years and counting.  As it stands, this phase will not likely end for this year and one more. 

After that I will likely get a room, in the winter of 2019, so it looks like one more winter in Wanda is in the cards. 

Yet even after that I am looking at another year or two after that of living frugally before I could consider moving to and living on that property I plan to purchase before the end of next year (2019).

What does all this mean? Many more years of living on my own, after all, I live in an RV and freeze my butt off while parking/living in an industrial area. 

Even then, if some gal were to get involved with me during this phase of my life I would be a cheap boyfriend, as in most of my take home pay (an estimated 80%) goes to savings with next to nil left over for a “dating fund.”

I understand that technically and theoretically I could find a gal who is as interested in what I am doing and willing to work with me to further this goal of land ownership/starting the town and put her own resources towards it. 

Yes, I understand theory, but . . . well . . . in practice . . . I have yet to get involved with a “cash-flow positive woman.” I will keep looking, but I won’t hold my breath.

I do need to find more ways to be social and just do that, but what holds me back is always towing Wanda everywhere, parking is a large hassle in the city when your vehicle is 45 Feet long.

I need to start to reclaim my social skills or at least gain some “real life” friends. That much I know. 

Yet while I do know that I am lonely, I don’t really feel it, as, after time, you just get used to being alone. 

The whole process can take time and . . . seem Innocuous, yet isn’t.


  1. Damn! That one hits close to home!! If it's any consolation you are not the only one dealing with the isolation, or the rarity of "cash-flow positive" women...(sorry ladies!)

    1. At least we know that we’re not alone in our loneliness