Friday 5 January 2018

Focussing On Building

I will admit, that I do not do well in the cold, at least, getting out of bed in the cold I do not do well, I am grumpy (it is just as well that I live alone).

Come to think of it, I am also a bit snarky when I am stripping down to my skivvies to get into the sleeping bag 

(Hint, you will be warmer all night in a good sleeping bag, the less you wear. This is because your body heat will warm up the sleeping bag and thus that warm air will keep you warm.)

Once I am situated in my warm clothes and moving about I am fine, but it is just that transition period, which causes me to question my life’s choices that lead me up to that point. 

I will be fine. I will survive and I will move on and in so doing, I will steadily improve my life. I just need to change my focus, to keep myself motivated and positive.

I will now turn my focus from debts to savings. This is a shift in mindset that needs to happen. 

I will keep in mind my personal debt limit that I have set out for myself with regards to my line of credit, but I will overall focus on putting cash into the bank.

This is a happy phase for me as I am debt free and I should enjoy it, be relaxed and less stressed, yet I am still a bit stressed. 

I know that I am not technically totally debt free, as I will be carrying a bit of debt moving forward. (I will be buying that mattress today after work).

The difference there is that my debt is backed up by savings that could pay it off at anytime. 

Thus, if I ever choose to, I could simply pay it off all at once. In this, I control this debt, it does not control me (but that was yesterday’s blog).

I will try to get myself into the happy mindset of focussing on growing my savings, and in so doing hopefully relieve my stress. 

I also know that this living in an RV is grating on me, as I am not out on the open road travelling where I like when I like, I live in an Industrial park and weekend in a parking lot.

My days of living in an RV on the roadside are numbered; it’s just that that number has at least three digits in it.

Thus I need to simply focus on the coming of Anti-Fall! (That time when the real cold leaves the land and the not so cold comes in).

I will do better in the warmer weather . . . I always do. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward! 

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  1. Please know the word "focussing" is not a word. It's driving me crazy but every time you misspell the word! One "s" just one!