Thursday 29 September 2016

Desirous Disaster

No, this is not a story about an ex-girlfriend, nope but instead about something else, that recently tempted me almost into disaster.

As you all know, I have been keeping an eye on the housing market, usually out of the city limits of where I am living and typically looking at large tracts of land or acreages and yes even houses. 

Basically I am looking for the most I can get for the least amount of cash that I have to spend (go figure).

Well, a tempting little place just turned up: out of town, within commuting distance to where I work an actual house on what it said was a two acre lot (remains to be seen). All that for just $100k asking price.

It is an older house but still seemed to be in good shape, and all in all worth a look, or at least considering.

I am now in a position to buy it, after all I do have the cash for a down payment. Then I got to thinking what it would all mean, as in after I am standing in the living room of my own house.

This would mean that paying off the truck next week would not happen. So then I would still have that payment for the next two years.

Naturally I would have a reasonable mortgage payment, but then I would have utility bills. Those, when combined with the extra gas that I would spend driving two and from work would pretty much eat up the rest of my budget.

So there you have it, in essence, buying anything now would be a fiscal disaster, as I would be back to having a maxed out budget and no room for savings and yes Wanda payments for the next decade.

While I do want, and will achieve, home ownership I will not shoot myself in the foot with a nail-gun that is debt. I must get debt free, and then work towards some sort of land ownership at least, all while trying to remain debt free.

My emerging motto is “Freedom first, comfort second!”

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward (preferably towards freeeeeeedoooooommm!!)

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