Tuesday 13 September 2016

Fall Preview

Yesterday evening was a bit cooler and last night and this morning was chilly, with frost on my truck windows even. (Yes, there was grumbling as I scraped this morning).

What I did was try out my thermal undies contraption to not only stay warm but also stretch out the time before turning the furnace on.

The longer I can go before turning my furnace on, the more cash I save in both propane and gasoline.  Why is this?

This is because the propane is needed to burn in the furnace but the furnace fan uses electricity for the fan which will drain my batteries thereby requiring me to run the generator more often and thus burning more gasoline.

So anyways, here is me in my thermal undie getup.

Sorry for the not great angle but it was hard to get it setup to take me from head to toe all in the same shot. As it was the camera was resting on a few containers.

On my head is my “Sleeping Toque” as I call it. This is a knitted toque that covers the ears and has a string that ties under the chin.

This way my head and ears are warm and it will stay on my head as I sleep. Since your head is always poking out of your bed or sleeping bag, it usually stays cold, this way your head doesn’t.

On my feet are actually two pairs of socks, the outer pair, that you see is actually a high-tech, overpriced pair of socks I bought in a hunting store. They seem to do the job, though, namely in keeping my feet warm.

The weather is expected to warm up slightly for the rest of the week, but I wanted to be prepared.
Speaking of which, I phoned up the RV Dealership to find out when they are having their Winterizing Drive-Through special day.

That day is on October 1 and so that is they day that I officially go from Summer Mode to Fall/Spring Mode. That means no more water in my fresh water tanks, so no using the taps or the shower.

In Fall/Spring mode I can still use the drains and toilet, so I can stand in my shower and pour water over me and have a “Jug Shower.” This is not that bad, and something that I am used to.

This will last until the first time that the weather turns cold and I have to dump my tanks fast to prevent water from freezing in my Grey or Black Water tanks.

Then I am in Winter Mode, where all water goes into a plastic tub and tossed out under a tree or bush, and of course I can’t use my toilet. More on Winter Mode when I am in full-blown Winter Mode.

For now, I will just enjoy the weather as best as I can and enjoy things like the sunrises

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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