Monday 3 October 2016

Winterizing Went Well

On Saturday I drove up to the RV Dealership to their annual “Winterizing Special” where you drive up, hand your keys to someone and their staff winterize your RV for you.

In a nutshell what “Winterizing” an RV is, is draining all of the water from your fresh water tanks, hot water tank, as well as your water lines (both cold and hot).

They open a valve which bypasses the hot water tank so that your hot and cold lines are now joined into one.

Then a special kind of antifreeze is (pink stuff) is run through your water lines so that no matter what, your water lines won’t freeze.

Trust me, this is important as when water freezes it expands and when it expands in a pipe or water pump, it causes expensive damage. The first winter, not doing this cost me my water pump, I was lucky.

So, in reality this past weekend was when I officially kissed my indoor running water goodbye, but since I can’t get any fresh water at any of the dump stations, there really is no point not to winterize.

When I was there, I picked up a couple of roof vents as the one over the bedroom is cracked and so I decided to replace them both so that they are both “tinted” and match each other.  I will do this repair when at the campground this weekend for Thanksgiving.

I also bought a stick on, outdoor thermometer.

This way I can see what the temp is outside my window while still inside. Thus, I can do the self-torturous thing of knowing just how cold it is outside at any given moment.

(See, it actually got to freezing overnight).

After putting it on the window I soon realized that I had to take it off and do a bit of modification.
You see, since this thing is made in the USA, and they only recognize the Fahrenheit system.

So the large blue numbers are in useless Fahrenheit, the tiny white numbers are in Celsius. So I had to take it off, write the Celsius in black felt and stick it back on.  No, America, Celsius and the metric system is not a communist plot, it’s just a scientifically based measuring system, that’s all.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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