Friday 9 September 2016

Curious Caller

I was recently contacted by someone who was more than a little curious about my lifestyle. I actually met them face to face this week and it was a pleasant experience (at least for me).

They messaged me explaining that they were looking for tips and answers to a few pertinent questions on what is required to be an Urban Nomad.

We arranged to meet in my Western Home as that is the best place to see Wanda and be able to show off all over her various nooks and features without being buzzed by cars.

It was an interesting experience for me to seem like the “experienced hand” at this and not the clomping bubbling fool that I feel like most times (okay less so these days).

It was essentially me wandering about pointing out this or that and saying stuff like “You’ll want one of these,” or “Do this, don’t do that; trust me,” and so on in a most non-sequitur way.

Essentially I was trying to remember all of the titbits of good advice that I would have liked to know going into this and spitting them out of my mouth as they came to me.

I’m sure that I forgot more than I said, but at least I helped their research along and pointed them in the right direction. 

They are someone whose upcoming vocation will require them to travel about quite a bit and decided to do research and talk to someone who’s done it first and not just jump in there. (Sure bring logic and good sense into this.)

Anyways, it was good to talk to someone and know that their reason was out of sensible necessity for exploring this lifestyle and not a more distressing need. 

I will note, however, that in recent weeks I have noticed more and more people on the streets and parking lots living in RV’s and I am forced to wonder, are they people like me, trying to get ahead, or desperate people trying to survive? 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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