Monday 19 September 2016

Fall Mode Hath Fallen

I had a good weekend, for the most part. All was well, I did my shopping, the weather was decent, and I had no noisy, obstinate neighbours.

This morning, as I have been doing since the first of June, I drove to the gas station with the free dumping station to fill Wanda’s main tank with water. 

As I drove up, I had an inkling that this was going to be morning were I was suddenly out of water and thereby thrust into Fall/Spring Mode. 

You see, their gas pumps were surrounded by construction fences and it seemed that some sort of renovations were about to get underway. 

The store itself was open and so I had a slight hint of hope as I pulled up beside the water faucet that had been my lifeline all through the summer. 

Yet, as I turned the tap, no water came out. It had finally come, I was out of water, at least for Wanda’s main tanks.

The main difference this makes for me is no more showers in my shower. I can still shower, sort of, it is now by pouring water over me from a jug of warm water.  (Yes, one half gallon per shower).

The other change is that there is no more water out of my faucets so washing hands and flushing the toilet is also done by pouring water out of a water jug. 

I still have my two five gallon jugs of water and so I will not go thirsty or not be able to cook or bathe. 

All of this water is pumped out of my five gallon “water cooler style jug” that I have a manual pump attached to. 

As is normal, that main jug (that I pump water out of) is a short ways down and the spare jug is now bone dry. 

I did what I did all last winter: I drove to work early, pulled out my fold up cart, loaded my five gallon empty jug, put it in the cart and grabbed my hose with a funnel attached.

I walked to work to fill my water this way, the way that I have done it for the last couple of winters, yet this time it felt different, it felt wrong.

My boss had long since told me to come and do this, to fill my water jug here, so there was nothing wrong with what I was doing. 

I don’t do this routing when others are around as I don’t want to look foolish dragging a jug of water up and down the street. 

I used to buy the water from a grocery store that would sell you water from their filtered tap for $3.00 for five gallons.

I have decided that I will go back to doing that. It may seem silly, but it just feels better to buy the water and not drain it out of work’s tap, like a thief. 

I am not a thief, as I still have my boss’s permission, yet I don’t like handouts or skulking around in shadows, but water is a necessity and how I get it feels . . . personal, private.

I am in a better fiscal position this year, so I will just spend out of my Utilities Wallet (or Groceries, depending) that $3.00 a week, so I can hold my head up high, knowing that I pay for everything I get.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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