Tuesday 27 September 2016

Water Woes

This weekend I went to a grocery store in my Western Home, which has one of those machines that you can fill your water jug with their filtered water.

Easy-peasy, or so I thought. Thankfully I was smart enough to walk over first without my jug to fill. This is because their machine was broken and there was no word on if or when it would be fixed.

I was down to my last gallon or so of water and so would need water soon. The other grocery store in the area didn’t have any machine like that or any large bottles.

To tide me over until Monday I bought two (no name) gallon bottles of water.

Yesterday after work I went to the outlet of that same grocery store chain that was not far from work.

Thankfully they did have the machine and it was working. I was able to pay for two jugs to fill for
just over six bucks.

Me, being the thrifty person that I am, wanting to get the most for my money, took my typical water jug but also my square blue jug as well.

They said nothing as I filled both of them to the max, as in to just overflowing. This means that I got a little over eleven litres of water for just over six bucks.

This should last me the better part of two weeks, but we will see how long it actually lasts. At least I have a source of water that is available and not insanely expensive.

For no reason whatsoever, other than the sunrise was amazing, here is your sunrise shot.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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