Friday 17 June 2016

Water Experiment, Just Because

I have made it to the weekend and I still have about half a tank of fresh water (or so Wanda’s Gauge tells me). I have been trying out a technique to stretch out the intervals that I need to dump and fill up my water tanks. 

Usually, I dump and fill up my fresh water once a week, but this time I will try to stretch things out to two weeks, just to see if I can do that and still properly function (as in wash daily). 

The water in my main tank I use for: 

Washing hands 
Flushing the toilet

The water in my five gallon jug with hand pump I use for:

Washing dishes
My “Jug Shower”

How I stretch the water in my main tank further is to only shower every second day. The in between days I wash with my “jug shower.” 

This is when I use the hot water from the kettle and cool it down with water from the five gallon jug. Then stand in the shower and:

1. Pour water over my head and body just to get wet
2. Lather my hair with shampoo
3. Lather/wash my body with soap
4. Pour water over my body starting from my head to rinse off.

Trust me, you can get your shower done with just a two liter juice jug filled with warm water. This is what I do when I am in my “Fall/Spring” mode.

I want to see, how long I can stretch this out, can I make it two weeks? I know that I could stretch things out further, if I wanted. 

I could go for perhaps a month, if I didn’t shower but just did my jug showers and still was conservative with water. 

I won’t try that, as I am not in a situation which necessitates that. I just want to see if I can do this, call it a twisted hobby. I still am doing what I need to do, so all in all, I’m okay. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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