Friday 24 June 2016

Onwards and Upwards

I know, another blog entry where it sounds like I am bragging; to be honest I do these, mostly for myself. Kinda like the rest of this blog, at least why I started it . . . to keep myself motivated. 

I get my highs where I feel: invincible, unstoppable, and on the top of the world. I also get my crushing lows where I feel the futility and certainty of my inevitable and spectacular failure. 

Most times I am somewhere in between; I may have exaggerated the swings, but hey ‘poetic license.’  I just want to get across the fact that we all have our good and bad days. 

The key to success in life, in any endeavour, is to stick with it. It is easy to keep going when things are easy, when everything just falls into place. That teaches you nothing. 

What really teaches you about yourself and what you are capable of is to stick with it when things are tough; when it is not easy. It is easy to stick with this life in June, when the weather is warm and you have water in your tanks. 

Sticking with it in December, when you have long since winterized your pipes and are having a bachelor’s bath when it is somewhere close to zero in your house. That is stick-to-itiveness.

So, forgive me if I pause every once in a while to say, that things are going well, and as I see it, things re moving onwards and upwards, ever higher towards my goal. 

Don’t worry though, I will keep a stiff upper lip during the tough times and indeed keep calm and carry on . . . Why do I have a sudden urge for a cup of tea? 

As always: keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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