Wednesday 22 June 2016

I’m Gonna Make It After All!!!

Okay, homages to old TV show theme songs aside, I took stock, once again of my water situation and realized that I just might squeak out too weeks before having to dump and fill again.

I have two jugs that I store water in. I pump water out of my 5 gallon water cooler jug. I store water in my five gallon cube jug that you are supposed to take camping . . . the kind with a spigot.

Well, that ‘five gallon’ Cube Jug can actually hold about 6 gallons, if you fill that up to the tippy-top (which I do).  When my Water Cooler Jug is down a fair bit, I will top this one up with the Cube Jug.

This leaves a gallon or two in that Cube Jug, which can come in handy, as in now. This, coupled with my small 1.5 Litre bottles, that I can use to pilfer water from here and there means that I can make it until Sunday Afternoon.

This is the new time of the week that I have decided (unless it turns out to be a debacle) to dump and fill up. I will do this after leaving my Western Home to head back to my Eastern Home. I will just take a northern detour to my favourite free (so far) dumping station with water.

Since today is payday, I could, if pressed, just decide to fill up tomorrow morning first thing, as I have in days gone by. I do want to stretch and press my luck this time. I have a thing about hitting targets that I aim for, however. 

I will make it, I will be okay. I will make my water last. Yes I will still wash daily, cook, clean and stay hydrated. I will just do so while being very water wise for the next few days.

As always : keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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