Monday 27 June 2016

Dump Station Drama

Okay, so this weekend, for the most part, went like last weekend did. I stayed in my Western Home on both Friday and Saturday nights. I went to my favourite Library, did a bit of grocery shopping, and even had my nice cheap breakfast on Sunday morning. 

Sunday afternoon, was when things got interesting. I went to the dump station that I know about that actually has water available and is free to use. I would pay to dump at my neighbourhood truck stop, but their water has been off, due to a broken water pipe, going on two years now (I think). 

So, as you can imagine, with the limited number of fully functional dump stations, there was a line-up of people waiting to dump their tanks. I thought about coming back first thing in the morning, but the truth is, I really don’t feel like driving all the way out here on a special trip, that early in the morning. 

So, I parked and waited . . . and waited. You see, the person at the RV dump station was a large, fancy motor home. The occupants of which were, shall we say, in less of a hurry to do anything, than most people, and clearly had time to waste. They took the better part of half an hour to dump and fill their tanks. It takes me five to ten minutes to do the very same thing.

I sat there and waited because I really had nothing more pressing to do and didn’t feel like going back. This brings up a point that I think should be mentioned. If you are using a shared facility, like an RV dump station, keep in mind that there are others waiting to use those very same facilities. 

Just because you are on vacation or otherwise footloose and fancy free, does not mean everyone else is. Respect their time by doing what you need to do, but to it in as efficient and expedient a manner as possible. 

Again, I could wait, I didn’t have a pressing engagement to get to, but that is no excuse to lollygag and stretch something out when there are at least four RV’s waiting to use that one and only RV dump facility.

I will see how things go next week, but for now, I will go back next Sunday and see if things are better. It is good to know that I could stretch things out to two weeks, or longer if I needed to in between dumps. In the end, I like showers and using my taps to wash my hands. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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