Tuesday 7 June 2016

Still The Water Miser

I was able to dump my black and gray water tanks along with filling my fresh water tanks on Friday, or rather, very early Saturday Morning.  

This means that I now (at least until late September) have ready and free access to water for Wanda’s tanks! 

You would think that this would mean that I would be using my water taps all the time and temporarily retire my water jug and hand pump, but no. 

Since fresh in my mind is the fact of not having easy access to water all winter. Also, since I have to rely on this system for eight months of the year for all of my water this is what I am used to. 

So, I find myself still pumping my drinking/cooking/dishwashing water out of this jug and still have my spare/backup five gallon jug of water sitting beside it, just in case. 

Normal is just what we do every day, and so to me, it is normal to pump water out of that jug, and in so doing, conserve the amount of water that I use. 

The water in Wanda’s fresh water tank, I reserve for showers, handwashing and yes flushing the toilet. This way I can stretch out the intervals between my dumping for two weeks, or more, if need be. 

Whilst the dumping station is free, I don’t want to take it for granted or use it too often, once a week is the most that I will use it. To thank them for the privilege I buy my propane from another outlet of the same major gas station chain.

It is just interesting to take note of the quirky habits that we pick up and continue to do, just because it feels right and is part of our “Normal” daily routine. 

This weekend, since it is my birthday weekend, I am heading to McLean Creek campground to celebrate my birthday as well as an early anniversary return to the first place that I lived in Wanda Full-Time.  (July 12, 2014.)

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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