Monday 20 June 2016

Snuck Into My Western Home

This weekend I tried out a new schedule and system which will allow me to once again sleep in the place that is my weekend home: My Western Home

Since the stores in this area do not like anyone parking there for longer than 24 hours, this means that I can’t just pull up, set up shop and stay for the weekend, as I have in the past. I can, however, come and go during that time, as long as I stay less than 24 hours.

What I did this weekend, and plan to do every weekend from now on is to first go to my mailbox, do whatever shopping or running around that I need to do and then head to my Western Home.

I will set up and stay the night in my Western Home, but instead of staying there on Saturday, I will go to my favourite library for the day the. Since the security people at the mall where this library is located are a bit ‘twitchy’ how do I do this? 

Well, what I do is park just over a block away from the far side of the mall, in a forlorn part of a big box store parking lot. This is a store that is big a big box store, but is on its own, and is not part of any mall. 

As it stands I have not tried to sleep there, I just park there for a short time, as in when I am doing my banking or going to this library. So far, they have not complained as I have not inconvenienced anyone, as nobody ever parks in this area of their lot. 

After spending the day in the library, using their power and Wi-Fi, I typically treat myself for a meal at the shopping centre. 

I find that going to the library puts me in a ‘work mode’ and I actually get a lot done, whether it is writing or whatever project I am working on.  

After the library I head back to my Western Home, unless I need to do some shopping or laundry first. 

Once there, I setup again and stay till morning where, this morning, Sunday morning, I get to have my IKEA breakfast. 

Hint: if you buy your breakfast in that magic time between half an hour before the store opens (when they open the doors) and the time that the actually opens, you get your coffee for free. So out here that means breakfast and a coffee for $1.05. 

After that I drive back to where I park near work (My Eastern Home) and then run my generator for 4 hours and in so doing, charge up my batteries. I was able to make it last all week last week. This is huge and if I can keep this up it will save me on gas.

While it is not perfect, it works and keeps me moving around. I will say that it is nice to be able to put the slide out, out even for an evening. It really opens the space up inside and makes Wanda feel more like a home. 

I will survive, I will thrive and yes I will be totally debt free. Beyond that, I will own a home and it will be a welcoming place for all who seek me out. 

If you happen to stop by today, or wherever you can find me, you will likewise receive that same warm welcome, my home is just smaller and simpler right now.

What this points out is that there are always ways to work around obstacles and get what you need. As the song says, while you can’t always get what you want, if you try, you might find, that you get what you need.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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