Monday 16 June 2014

Possessions Are Fleeting

As I get ready to go back to work after tossing out and/or disposing of most of my possessions this weekend a few things hit me. While it is true that a good chunk of my possessions I still technically own, since I have put them up for auction, I don’t consider them mine anymore, they are in limbo.

What hits me is that possessions are fleeting, things break, you lose stuff, clothes go out of style. As I sit in my room, I know that a good portion of what is here will go with me, but there will still be more which goes bye-bye. 

I am on the cusp of literally bringing everything I own with me wherever I go . . . I am okay with that. It doesn’t mean that I can just go “wander the earth” it just means that I will not pay for storage, nor rent for the foreseeable future. I am looking forward to that. 

The ironic thing is that the reason that I am going through this temporary, drastic lifestyle change is to pay of credit cards which were run up buying stuff and experiences that I no longer have. I have a few select items but the vast majority of what was charged to those cards are gone. 

The trek towards running up the cards started during the last few months of film school. I ran out of money and needed to live on my credit cards. Then I decided to film a test pilot for a TV show that I wanted (and still do) to get going. After film school, I had moving and living expenses. Add to that a few impulse items and you have full credit cards  before you know it.

I spent a year working hard to pay down my Brick Card just to pay off the bedroom set that I will now auction off for a fraction of what it is worth. I know on one hand I should keep it but it will cost me more to store it until some unknown time where I may have a house to put it in. 

Stuff is replaceable; things should be used and have a purpose in your life. Don’t get me wrong, I like stuff and I don’t see myself living as a Buddhist monk or a Jedi, forsaking all possessions. For now, at this point in my life, the less I own the better. 

If it does not fit within my truck or trailer, I won’t own it, not until I am settled somewhere. Exactly where that is or when that will be, I do not know. That is part of the fun of this adventure, first get my credit cards paid off, then save up to move while paying a bit down on Wanda. 

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