Saturday 14 June 2014

Paring Down Was Easier Than I Thought

I went to my storage unit today with the goal of putting things into three piles: 

1) Stuff to sell (IE: decent stuff but not what I want to keep)
2) Stuff to toss away (I can buy this again)
3) Stuff to keep. (Stuff I want to keep with me)

I thought it would take all day to figure this out. I imagined myself straining over each decision of what to keep. It seems that time has changed my perspective as the choices were easy to make. In the span of about an hour and a half I was able to sort through everything. 

The stuff I wanted to sell I put in my second storage unit. The stuff I wanted to toss away I loaded in my truck. The small amount of stuff that I wanted to keep I left in my first storage unit. As I surveyed this last section, I could imagine this fitting in Wanda and Treabilla. My goal had been achieved. 

I was able to make a deal with the people at the storage unit place. They are planning on having an auction (you know, to sell the stuff in storage units that people abandon). I was able to get them to let me put the stuff in my second storage unit in that auction. 

I paid up my storage units until the end of July. There are a few pieces of small furniture which are going home with mom (she doesn’t know it yet). They are pieces of furniture which have been in the family for generations that I can’t part with but can’t store in Wanda. That is why mom will be taking them home; if I sold or gave them away I would be disavowed from the family. 

I took the stuff I wanted to toss away to the dump. I hate that place as I always feel guilty. I am a third generation packrat so tossing anything away feels wrong. Sure I recycled my computer and what have you but actually tossing things in the bin felt wrong. It felt like I was killing the planet, and being wasteful. 

While both may be true, I simply need to get rid of this stuff, as it is dead weight in my life at this point everything I tossed away was stuff that I can buy again. The same can be said for the stuff I put in the second storage unit, to be auctioned off. It is all stuff that I can buy again, yet don’t need right at this moment. 

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