Monday 30 June 2014

Packing Wanda Went Well

I had to put Wanda in for service after our outing last weekend. As I was packing up, I realized that the driver’s side rear turn signal on Wanda stayed on, at full intensity, at all times. It took them a few days to fit her in so when I arranged to pick Wanda up on Friday afternoon, it seemed like as good an excuse as any to go away for the weekend. 

This time I didn’t want to go far, I just wanted to stay local so I could work . . . on Wanda. I decided to clear everything out of my storage and find a home for it in Wanda. I only left the two pieces of furniture (heading to Vancouver) and then pictures that will stay in the back of the truck.

I envisioned it taking most of Saturday to figure out what should go where and what I should keep and what should go. I had planned for this and bought some storage tubs for her pass through storage area. 

Well, the whole process only took a couple of hours, if that. Even after that I had a bit more space to fit the stuff coming from my room. So I had the rest of the weekend to enjoy the campsite, right?

Well, this was not a nice provincial or federal campsite, this was a private one, and an older one at that. Sure it had Wi-Fi, but it was so slow that it was practically non-existent. Sure it had campsites but they were back in ones and even then they were small. My water went out once and power went out for someone else . . . this was only one evening. To top it all off it was more expensive than the government sites . . . so I bailed.

I had done what I had planned to do so I didn’t need to be there. I thought about staying at a parking lot or forlorn industrial street in town, but decided against it. I didn’t need a dry-run-through as I knew what it was like and it would be reality soon enough. 

Instead I put Wanda in storage and went home, or rather I went window shopping for a few things I would like for Wanda. One is a power solution, ie, somehow to make my own 120 VAC power. I could get solar panels, a charge controller and an Inverter for Wanda but the cost of that and installation would be somewhere between 1 – 2K. 

Not something I am prepared to pay for now, so for now it looks like a battery box (with inverter built in), a small charge controller and a 20 Watt solar panel. This should be enough for what I need ie: charging my laptop and my phone, it should work. The built in solution will have to wait. 

I also have my eye on a small, portable BBQ for 30 bucks. Hmm barbeque. 

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