Thursday 12 June 2014

Hard Choices

Okay, I still feel a bit guilty for moving out on Landlady. Part of me feels like I am leaving her in the lurch. I know that while she is nice and all, that she is neither my friend nor a relative.

I mean, we are friendly but say I didn’t have Wanda and lost my job. She may give me two weeks grace to pay the rent and then make me leave.  

I understand that the room must pay its way and that I am there because I pay rent, and need a place to stay.  Still, I have agreed to pay rent for July and move out early so as to allow someone else to move in.

I have decided to move out by noon on Saturday, July 12, one month from today as a matter of fact. It is a good day to move out as it’s not late on a Friday night, sneaking out nor is it in the middle of the week.

This month marks six months of storage and is time to pay another six months of storage. That got me thinking. Since my plans have changed, and I am not getting a house, do I need all of this stuff? The answer is no.

This means that I will be going through the stuff that I still have in storage and examine if I really, really need it. I will only keep what I can store in Wanda and/or Treabilla and get rid of the rest.

I will keep my storage units until the end of July and will either find a place to store the stuff I will keep in my truck and trailer or I will get rid of it.

This may seem extreme but if I am moving to Toronto, I need to move light. Besides a good deal of stuff that I have I kept because I thought they would be handy. 

I mean I have a box of software which contains Windows 95 Beta and I think possibly the disks for DOS and even Windows 3.11!!! Seriously, why do I have this stuff!!!!

The top of the list of stuff that I will keep has to do with Tanea and writing. My Script Builder and Tanea production info I will keep, most of the pictures I will also keep and a few select filmmaking books. The rest of it can go, as I can buy it again if I need to.

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