Wednesday 11 June 2014


Birthdays are milestones on the road of life. Just FYI, today is mine . . . I am 44 today.  

In our earlier years we look forward to the important birthdays, the key milestones of life. 

At Thirteen we are no longer a child but a teenager, on our way to adulthood.
At Sixteen we can drive.
At Eighteen we are an adult, sortof. 
At Nineteen we are an adult in more places and in greater ways
At Twenty-One we are an adult all over the world.

Birthdays are also when we, or at least I, reflect on your journey through life thus far. During the quieter moments of each and every birthday, we dust off our “to do list” of life. 

We check off the goals that have accomplished and examine the ones we have not. We ask ourselves, was that really important? Did I really want to do this? Or that? Do I still want, nay, need to do it? 

Such is the case with me.  As I sit here on my Forty-Forth birthday, as much as I may wish to, a few unachieved goals stick with me. 

One is that I have never been married, I have come close a few times, but never have I walked down the aisle. Whilst marriage at my age is still a possibility (and a certainty if I have my way), the other glaring goal is much less of a foregone conclusion.  

I wanted children, I always say myself as a father. I wanted the wife, kids, house yes even the dog. All the trappings of “settled, suburban life.” I know that I can still technically have kids, so that dream is not dead. 

The likelihood of meeting the right woman and starting a family with her within a reasonable timeframe, however, decreases with each day.  I don’t want just any woman to be the mother of my children, I want the right one. 

I will just have to focus on being a good uncle, I suppose. Above all, I need to get myself into a place and a financial position where dating and a family are possible.  

Enough of this, time to pick myself up and soldier on. Oh and happy birthday to me.

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  1. Happy Birthday my Friend! Hard to believe how quickly the years have flown by. I remember a man at 18, with a special gift and a unique outlook on the world. It's a blessing that, that has not changed, only growing more refined. Happy birthday my friend. The time in front of you I know with certainty, will be an amazing adventure no matter what!

    All the Best!