Monday 23 June 2014

I’m Tired of Paying Everyone Else’s Bills

I got paid this weekend so I paid my rent, early as always. Landlady was nice and let me pay just half of July’s rent. If things go well I may get that back, as my damage deposit was about that much (I think). If I don’t I don’t, as I never count on money coming in (other than my paycheque). Landlady joked that I can’t leave because I always pay my rent early and nobody does that. I laughed and we went our separate ways. 

She may consider me the ideal tenant because I keep to myself, keep quiet and pay my rent early. I do all this because I still feel like I am a guest, an intruder in her home. As nice and kind as she is, I don’t feel like it is my place, my home.

It was nice to go to Lake Louise and I tried to bike from the campsite up to Lake Louise but I didn’t make it up that hill. I did go for a nice bike ride on trails near the campsite; that was enjoyable. Yet it would have been nicer to share this experience with someone, I am not ready for that. I need to get through this phase of my life first, I know that.

I did feel at home in Wanda and the campsite was nice even though all I had for hookups was the electricity. I know that I will be able to survive in Wanda, but a few things could make things easier, like an inverter and solar charging system. 

One thing at a time, while it would be nice, it is not necessary. I can charge my laptop either at work or plugged into an inverter in Treabilla. Likewise I can charge my phone either at work or in Treabilla. I have already arranged to up my data package on the phone and get an internet stick so I will not be cut off or living near McDonalds/Starbucks or anywhere else with free Wi-Fi. 

I am looking forward to the twelfth (the day I move out) for a few reasons. For one I will truly be on my own and mobile. Also this little place will be mine, sure someone may complain about where I am parked, but I can always move. Someone may say that living in a trailer is not that safe, well how safe are you living in your house? Really? If stuff is going to happen, it will happen.

Another reason that I am looking forward to living in Wanda fulltime is that I am tired of throwing money away on rent. I get nothing of value from it; it does not help me get further ahead. In winter, for a few of the colder months I may rent a room or a place to park and live in Wanda, but I will deal with that then. For now, I will save and get ahead. By my estimates this will put me one credit card ahead, just by doing this.   

I say that I am tired of paying everyone else’s bills because I have always made sure to pay my bills but shove things for me to the backburner, never, if ever to be dealt with.  

My clothes are all from discount stores, and never that stylish, as being in style costs cash, cash which is needed for bills or some other urgent thing which must be paid.  Treabilla was the first vehicle in my life (bought her at 43) that I have ever splurged on. Every other vehicle has been the cheapest and the minimal I need to function. 

I have atrocious teeth, even though I have had dental coverage a few times in my working life.  Why is this you ask? Because dental coverage does not cover everything and the longer you put it off the more expensive your portion is. I look forward to finally being able to getting something done so I can stop hiding my teeth.  

I want to get out from under this dead weight of credit card debt so I can look at doing something for me and not feel guilty. I know that I still have a truck and trailer to pay off, but there is an asset with that, and a fixed date, with credit cards, they are the debt that keeps on taking, and growing. 

I was, however, able to get myself out of the overdraft and pay a bit off of one credit card. All thanks to my plan to live in Wanda. 

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