Thursday 5 January 2023

What Is The Homestead Supplies?

It has been asked just what my Homestead Supplies are? What is this ever growing collection of things that take up a storage locker that I continue to rent month after month?

Well, I do want to have a bit of land and a modest homestead, a small-scale sustainable farm where I can live off the land, off-grid and most importantly, cheaply.

While it would be great to buy a farm or other such place all setup and ready to go, that is most likely not going to happen.

Yet if a few things bounce my way, it is certainly possible that I could end up with a house/cabin on a patch of land or even a small farm already to go.

If that happens, then I am laughing, if not, that is where my Homestead Supplies come into play.

What my Homestead Supplies are, is everything that I can think that I would need in order to build a homestead from scratch.

I have:





Food (Canned/Dry)


Again, pretty much anything that I can think of that I would need in order to make a homestead out of just a patch of land.

I don’t have the lumber, screws or other supplies to build a house, but I do have the various books on how to do it, the tools to build it.

When it comes to actually building the Homestead, I will do it with a book in one hand and a tool in the other.

As I have said, I want to be able to live like a pioneer, but I don’t want to have to live like a pioneer. That is the essence of the Homestead Supplies.

When I get my own place, I will make sure that there is a space set aside so I can store the Homestead Supplies with me until such a time as I am able to actually start my homestead. 

So ends theory.

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