Monday 16 January 2023

Still On Track

Okay, I had a setback last week, but I am still on track to make my day of April 7 for paying off the last credit card and becoming debt free again.

It was Thursday and I gave into an impulse to make a sizable purchase for my Homestead Supplies.

I also reworked my budgets in a few different ways, all in an effort to somehow have it all: build savings, pay off debt and build up my Homestead Supplies.

After going through that process, I realized that it was not worth it as when it comes down to it, I don’t like carrying debt. 

I have been carrying debt for a year now, and it is time that I just pay it off. I need to pay off my debt, and in so doing get back up to zero. 

I have to get up out of this hole of debt before I am able to climb up higher and build savings and wealth.

It is true that I still have my investments, but again, I don’t want to touch them if I don’t have to. So, I am not in the same position that I was when I was paying off debt the first time.

I know that hard times are coming, which is why I want to build up my Homestead Supplies as quick as I can. I always fear that I don’t have enough.

I also know that I need to have no debt and a bit of savings when this calamity comes. 

If all I have to do is pay my current bills, then I am in a much better position if the economy craters and I am suddenly unemployed.

So, until now and April 7, when I finally pay off my last credit card and become debt free again, I have to resist buying anything that I don’t absolutely need.

It is a constant struggle, but one that I have to endure in order to build a better future for myself.

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