Wednesday 4 January 2023

Staying Focussed Whilst In Chaos

To say that I have many different impulses coming at me during this chaotic and turbulent time is an understatement.

If you say, “What chaos? What turbulence?” part of me wants to say to you, “stay there in your happy delusion” as it is safest and happiest there.

Yet, the truth is that there are many different emerging dangers, WWIII and a Depression to dwarf the Dirty Thirties are but two (both of which seem just around the corner).

There are many other dangers as well, but those are the larger two. Even saying that makes people say that I’m . . . a little, “touched” in the head and just a, “Conspiracy Theorist.” 

To them I say, “stay in your happy delusion and enjoy life while you can.”

My point is that in my head I have a long list of things (that keeps growing) that I want to get for my Homestead Supplies and a strong urge to buy them all now (thus maxing out my credit cards again . . .both of them).

Yet, I have halted that (okay, after buying a bunch of supplies) in order to pay off this last credit card with the promise to myself that I would stay debt free from here on out.

I do that by envisioning that goal, in this case it is my Mid-Term Goal of paying off that last credit card by my April 7 Payday.

It really is best to have a date attached to a goal, and focus on the Mid-Term ones as you keep the Long-Term Goal(s) as dreams that you imagine coming true.

So this Mid-Term Goal of paying off this last credit card is actually a Long-Term Goal of getting debt free again.

As you can probably figure, out I loaded up both credit cards by buying Homestead Supplies and jumping on an investment this time last year.

I digress, my point is that I have many impulses to spend that I justify to myself as being essential supplies that I will need when building that Homestead. 

I resist those urges by telling myself that I will be better served facing whatever calamity that comes my way being debt free.

For debt freedom is freedom, I can’t put it any simpler than that.

So, I will focus my thoughts and efforts on this goal that I decide is more important to me than loading up on Homestead Supplies, throwing caution to the wind.

If the unthinkable happens, I will make do with what I have and build and grow my capabilities from there.

I will leave you with the thought that should motivate and one that bears repeating:  debt freedom is freedom.

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