Friday 6 January 2023

Thirteen Weeks From Today

I have begun another countdown, this one is a countdown until I can pay off my last debt. That will be thirteen weeks from Today.

I have to play these little games with myself in order to keep focussed, focussed on doing what I set my mind to.

In this case it is paying off this debt, which is much less fun than rushing ahead and buying all manner of things for my Homestead Supplies.

As I have said before, paying off debt is boring and so it is easy to get distracted and abandon paying off debt.

This week I have been battling impulses of buying more stuff for my Homestead Supplies, trying to convince myself to do so with all manner of justifications.

As I have said, I want to be debt free again, so as to be free to do what I need when I need. 

I want to be not only debt free but have a bit of cash set aside, so I can be okay if things go bad.

While I do still hope and work for a happy future, I have to hedge my bets against a darker one, one where I am suddenly unemployed due to the company that I work for shutting down without notice.

With the rumours of how the EI system has been changed, changed to ensure that you don’t claim it for long and are always in fear of being kicked off of it, it looks to be less and less of a safety net.

I will be fine no matter what, I just need to stick it out for the next thirteen weeks and then cautiously move forward with just what I have in my hand, rather than rush ahead on credit.

So, I will keep focussed on thirteen weeks from this today and make a new plan after that. Lest I max out both credit cards again.

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