Tuesday 3 January 2023

Back To Reality

Okay, so today I am back at work and so last night and this morning were a shock as I was back at it. 

Last night was not all that cold, but I was not happy waking up to it being -5C in my house as opposed to it being 10C in my house.

I had gotten used to having my electric heater going all the time, yet turning it down to the lower wattage range setting overnight (so as to not trip the breaker).

I also got used to having my slide-out out, meaning that I had more space. It was nice, as well as that view from my front door all Christmas Break.

I decided to run my furnace at an unheard of 20C when I got back and all was well . . . that is until twilight approached and I noticed that my batteries were down to 71%.

So I had to shut the furnace off (I can’t run my laptop lower than 47%) in order to save power for what was important, the lights, radio and fridge. 

(Weirdly enough unless I let my house turn into a freezer, I need to run my fridge in the dead of winter.)

When I got up this morning I was warm and toasty in bed . . . then I got out . . . and grumbled as I got dressed and situated so I could write. 

I turned the furnace on to the acceptable compromise setting of 10C and then got my morning coffee going.

Once I was in my sleeping bag on the couch writing away I was okay. I know how to handle it but I was spoiled in Banff. 

I am still committed to getting the last credit card paid off by April 7. After that I will most likely try to mix building up savings with building up my Homestead Supplies.

That is a matter for another day, and I will deal with it after I have achieved my Mid-Term Goal of paying off the last credit card.

After that is accomplished, I will set another few Mid-Term Goals and work on them at the same time. 

I keep my focus on my Mid-Term Goals because those are within reach and accomplishing them moves me closer to my Long-Term Goal.

I just need to get back into game shape again and just endure the cold. I will say that the weather that we are having and expected to have over the next bit looks nice and warm-ish.

Warm enough that I don’t have to hibernate or do my “voluntary watchman” duties at work, so that is a plus and each day that I can do that is a day stolen from the dead of winter . . . and that certainly is a plus. 

I can do this, I’ve done this before, and I will do it again.

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