Monday 23 January 2023

Another Week of Stolen Days

This week has been a week of nice weather, fantastic weather for January. January and February are the depths of winter and so I expect them to be bitterly cold.

As in hibernating cold, such as I did in late December. I know how to handle the bitter cold and what to do, not that I like to do it, but I know what to do.

So, to be here with eight or nine days left in January and no intense bitter cold snap yet, nor on the horizon (so far) I consider myself lucky and the days stolen from the depths of winter.

Yet, as nice as it is, this non-stop fall weather is annoying. It is like trying to take a shower in lukewarm water. It is not hot, nor is it cold, it is just blah, neither.

Again, it could and should be much colder and it still could turn cold, but I long for the warm days of spring and summer. 

When I can enjoy the nice breeze coming through the open windows. When I can not have to worry about everything freezing (myself included).

Again, I am lucky and am thankful for the weather, but I hate this limbo and non-warm weather. 

I know that I have two months left before things are expected to get less-cold and start to get warmer. 

I will just tough it out and try to use this as motivation for me to at least rent something by December first of this year.

I have my plan, I am working my plan, and the plan is working. 

But I still hate the cold.

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