Monday 9 January 2023

The Stolen Days

As I have said, January and February are the coldest months, the months that I keep an eye on and the ones that are usually the hardest for me.

So, any day in January or February that is warmer than -20C is a boon and what I call a “stolen day” a day stolen from the dreaded depths of winter.

Such is the case so far this year, and I am quite happy about it. I know that things can get cold after the end of February, but for the most part, things get warmer.

So, with things being warm this year, I am quite happy with not having to go into hibernation mode or do my “Voluntary Night Watchman” duties.

Yet with Winter Solstice being not that far in the rear view mirror, I am still having to keep an eye on what power I use and always wondering if I have enough charge in the batteries to be able to write in the morning in Wanda.

So, sometimes I do go to work early, but it is for the power, rather than the cold. 

When Wanda’s batteries get below 47% the inverter gives me a low-power alarm and shuts down. 

The other systems work for a while yet, the furnace, fridge, radio, lights, etc, I just can’t run the inverter, and so the laptop. 

With modern laptop battery technology being as horrid as they are, they whine and refuse to work if the laptop is at any temperature below 22C. 

So, I have to run the laptop plugged in. That and I have also discovered that it takes the lowest amount of power to run a fully-charged laptop, rather than running down it’s batteries and then running it while charging it. 

Dealing with the cold and power issues are things that I know how to do. I will just plod onwards and do what I need to do to get through this.

I am looking forward to being debt free again on April 7, and building towards getting some place of my own by the end of this year.

Until then I will enjoy each any every day that I have stolen from the dreaded depths of winter.

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