Thursday 8 December 2022

Mother Nature Didn’t Help Much

Okay, so my plan was to let Mother Nature, AKA the weather blow most of the snow off of my solar panels . . . that didn’t happen . . . as in there was no wind yesterday. 

So, this was what they looked like when I got home last night . . . 

This brings up another point, one that will reveal itself once I brush the snow off of those panels . . . there we go.

You see that there are bits of ice still stuck onto the panels, now that is not a huge problem but it will decrease my ability to generate power from them.

Which in this time of year could be vital but in a sunny day, even in winter, that ice should melt away.  

The black colour of the panels do help in that regard, in generating a bit of heat from the sun. That is what happened and caused the ice to form in the first place.

The panels melted the snow a bit and then that water or wet snow then froze overnight and it became ice under the snow.

Now, I am not about to take an ice scraper to my solar panels to get that ice off, as I don’t want to risk damaging my solar panels.

Besides, at this time of year, during the week, I don’t use that much power, as I can’t and won’t run my laptop in the trailer in this weather. 

But I did run the furnace a bit last night as it was around zero when I got home. This was nice as I was able to get a bit of the frost that had built up inside melted away. 

Again, this time of year is about getting through it and doing what I can with what electricity that I can glean from the sun.

So, yeah I should have actually gone up there and brushed off my panels yesterday morning . . . ah well.

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