Thursday 15 December 2022

Debt Freedom Setback

My Goal of being Total Debt Free again was pushed back yesterday, and it was as a result of my own actions.

My push to being Total Debt Free again has been a fixation of mine because I like the freeing feeling of being Totally Debt Free. 

Also with what is coming, in the economy and geopolitics, it is best to be debt free. 

This fear of what is to come muddies the waters with my desire to have a place of my own, but one thing at a time. Pay off the last of my credit cards (again).

So, I was on track to pay off one credit card (the card with a higher interest rate and has the smaller outstanding balance) by this payday (Dec 22) . . . that is still on track.

I was on track to pay off the other credit card by the Feb 7 payday, this one has been pushed back.

You see, coming up (the week after next) is the week that my office shuts down. Since the office is shut, I can take a vacation . . . during this one and only time of year.

Now, I can legally take a vacation elsewhere during the year because the law says that I can. 

I can also technically take a vacation because Boss says that I can (and encourages me to do so).

Yet, operationally I cannot take a vacation because nobody wants to do what I do and there is a palpable sense of dread and fear of me not being there (to make things just “happen”).

Also, when I go on vacation I take at least a 10% pay cut because if I am not there, I don’t get commission on the online sales that I process.

So, I don’t go on vacation but I use my vacation pay to pad my paycheque throughout the year (when my paycheque would otherwise be smaller than what I term “Budgetary Minimum”).

But I digress, so, me taking any time off is a big deal and not something I do on a regular basis . . . for a few reasons.

So, this year I had pushed off and delayed booking my spot in Banff because it is costly for me: paying for the site, the extra gas, buying the Parks Canada Pass, and the extra propane, to name a few.

Yet, I just got to a point yesterday where I realized that this is my one and only vacation each year (such as it is) and just plain old, I deserve a break.

So, as a result, me being Totally Debt Free, has been pushed back by one payday to Feb 22 . . . but I still get my Christmas Break.

Deciding what to do about what kind of permanent home I will have will be decided after that date. (I am still undecided about that.) 

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