Wednesday 7 December 2022

I Didn’t Bother Brushing Off My Solar Panels

Okay, so it snowed, it snowed for the past two days. What that means for me is that my power production from my solar panels is seriously lowered.

Even if it is just overcast, that kills power production for that day. This is because I have less hours of sunlight from which I generate electricity and those hours give me less sunlight.

This is a problem when the only way that I can produce electricity is from my solar panels. So on snowy and overcast days I will conserve my power usage.

Electricity is the lifeblood of Wanda, with propane being a close second. Water is the lifeblood of me but that I can pack in and get elsewhere, so that is less of an issue for Wanda.

Yet, at this time of year, I only really care about electricity levels on the weekend. It is cold so I stay at work more and use the electricity and heat there. 

Even with work’s heat turned down at night, it is still much warmer than Wanda . . . -15C inside last night.

The weather is supposed to change and the temperature is supposed to rise greatly over the course of today, as in up to zero (yes I said that ‘up’ to zero Celsius).

What I have learned is that kind of weather change usually means wind. Wind is good, as it will typically blow most of the snow off of the roof of Wanda.

I will still go up there and brush the snow off of Wanda tonight, when I get home, but I will let Mother Nature brush most of it off for me first.

At this time of year, the only thing I need electricity in Wanda for is lights and that I can use flashlights or even candles for. 

Heat is for the weekend and having enough electricity to run my laptop is something for during the days of the weekend, if I am lucky.

On the weekends I do run the furnace and do warm the place up, but during the week there just seems to be no sense as all I am doing is: packing my lunch for the next day, laying out my clothes and crawling into bed.

When it is not so cold, such as the next few days, then I can and will do more in and around Wanda. 

In the bitter cold, however, I just hibernate. It remains the most cost effective way to just get through winter . . . at least during this last hurrah. 

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