Monday 5 December 2022

Make That Change Day!

Today is the day that you make the change in yourself or your life that you have wanted/needed to make for some time but have been putting it off.

This is the day back in 2013 that I started this journey towards Total Debt Freedom. In honour of that, I encourage others to make the change that they have wanted to make in their life but have been putting off.

It was in the evening and I had just arrived home from work. I pulled into the parking spot in the townhouse that I was renting and Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car was playing on the radio.

That song was the spark that I needed to start this blog and begin this journey to Total Debt Freedom. 

In essence, what I got from the song was that there was no good time for change, nor do you have to know how you’re going to make that change, just do it, just decide to make the change.

You do not need to know every detail of the plan of how to make the change that you want to make, just do it, make that change and figure out how to make that change along the way. 

Neither is there a good or convenient time for a change, there never is, it will always be a crappy time for a change, so just do it, make that change and make it now!

When I started this change, my goal was to become ‘Credit Card Debt Free’. I couldn’t imagine being Totally Debt Free; that was too lofty a goal for me to imagine at the time.

My original plan was to rent a room or buy a camper for the back of my truck, do that for two years and by the end of that two years I would be debt free and have a down payment for a house . . . I’m not kidding . . . I was that delusional.

The key thing that I learned along the way is that you will learn and grow along the way. Always adapt and change your plan to suit your new knowledge or situation. 

Always change what you are doing in order to better achieve your goals. Never keep doing something out of pride. 

Don’t beat yourself up too much over your mistakes either. You will make a lot of mistakes (I did, and do) but learn from them and use them as an opportunity to grow (I did, and still do).

So, go out there and make that change that you have wanted to make for some time but have been putting off . . . you can do it!

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