Monday 15 April 2019

Solar System Installed!

So, I have some big news to announce, I had a solar charging system installed in Wanda. 

We shall see how things go, but for now, I am relying on the sun to give me all the electricity that I need.

Let me say that this really a fiscally responsible thing to do, as it is cheaper to buy and run a generator to keep Wanda’s batteries charged.

How much did it cost? Well, let’s say that it cost me one month’s worth of savings (plus a bit).

Why did I do it? Well, to be honest, it was the fact that I was living in my trailer yet not using any electricity in it. 

I mean everything other than the logic circuits of the fridge was powered by battery or was charged at work.

The main reason why I did this was to give myself the luxury of using electricity. Like turning on a light, or listening to the radio, or yes, charging my laptop in Wanda.

All without feeling guilty or wondering how much sooner I will have to run my generator again and in so doing risk annoying my neighbours. 

Okay, so as to what I had installed, I had three 160 Watt solar panels installed 

There is enough roof space to have another smaller panel, perhaps a 100 Watt panel, up front there. Yet, if I did that I would have to upgrade the middle of the road Charge Controller that I got. 

I also had the batteries upgraded to ones that have the same footprint as my previous ones, yet were twice as tall, so as being effectively twice the battery as the previous ones.

This means that I now have 480 Watts of solar panels feeding twice the battery capacity that I had before. 

We shall see what happens and if this really does more than meet my electricity needs.

The one thing I know how to do is to conserve electricity, so there may be days or where I use no electricity other than the fridge, just to charge the batteries up. 

I don’t usually mention vendors or what have you but I was so impressed with not only the knowledge, experience and expertise of the installer, that I feel compelled to tell you who did it. 

I mean, look at the attention to detail that he went through when installing the panels. 

So, here is who did it, he came out in his van. . . 

Parked behind Wanda and set about installing the system all from where I was parked. His name is Chris and he has been working on RV’s and with solar systems for at thirteen years but been in business for himself for ten. 

Again, top notch work and if you are thinking of getting a solar system installed, drop him a line.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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