Wednesday 10 April 2019

Embracing Peace

I am still working on finding the peace and happiness in the moment. 

It is a simple philosophy of taking a brief moment to look at your current situation (in the moment) and recognizing the good in where you are at in life.

For me it is taking the time to be thankful that I am employed and that I have the job that I have. Again, it could be better, but it could also be worse.

I also take the time to recognize that I am thankful for Wanda and all that she has given me and enabled me to do.

I am debt free and building my savings in a way and at a rate that few others can do.

I am working towards owning land and a house, but doing so without debt.

I also must take the time to be happy in the moment and be at peace with my current situation. 

During the warmer months this is relatively easy. It is during the cold winter months that this is more of a challenge. 

I hope to establish as a habit by then so that I can use the momentum of that well established habit to carry me through the cold winter.

For now, however, I will continue to make peace with my current place in life. For me, my own happiness and yes, my own peace of mind.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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