Monday 8 April 2019

Grand Savings Update

Okay, so it is that time again, when I update how my progress is going on my “Grand Savings Plan!” 

Okay, so let’s see how I did . . . 

For review, here is how things looked from last payday . . .

That is 20.3% (of my Savings Target).

And this is how things look like, after the dust settled on this payday’s budget . . . 

That’s right things jumped up to 21.4% of my savings target. 

That means I put away 1.1% of my total Savings Target this payday.

Things are moving forward quite well and I am certainly enjoying the warmer weather. A few times this weekend I actually left the door open, an unusual, odd yet welcome experience, to be sure. 

I also had my first jug shower of the year this morning, and it was nice to be able to get back to something as simple as a shower in the morning. 

Again, it was a simple shower, as it is the one that I have while pouring warm water over me from a juice jug, but I got clean anyways.

This is the reoccurring theme in my life, to make do with less, live simply with crude imitations of what other people do.

Yet, this is not forever, and I do this to build a better future for not just myself but for others as well . . . again, all for that town.

Yet, I will work to bring in a few luxuries into my life, without breaking the bank or destroying the budget. 

That is the phase of this journey that I am in: finding the balance between savings and comfort.

As always: keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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