Wednesday 3 April 2019

My Path Need Not Be Walked Alone, But It Is

I have a clearly defined goal and I am working towards it constantly with everything that I have and everything that I do.

My life is drab, boring and dull, I know that, but this is because my life is in a holding pattern, and I know that. 

I do things to entertain myself, I play an old video game on my laptop that requires no internet connection to work. 

I write novels, and what have you, whatever strikes my mood.

I do all this, because I am focussed on getting that plot of land, and starting that Homesteading Process, something that I have wanted for quite some time now.

I do chat with friends either on line or on the phone. I have a small social life, just not a large or altogether active one. 

I don’t date, but mainly it comes back to my lifestyle as to why I haven’t bothered. Sooner or later it will come back to me saying to said prospective lady . . . 

“This is my life, and my path, you are welcome to jump into it and walk the path with me, but I will need you to embrace my goal as your own.”

I have dated and I have had relationships but mostly the ladies that I have been involved with have been . . . well . . . less than helpful, shall we say.

I refuse to have dead weight in my life, and I also refuse to alter my lifestyle just to attract someone.

This is what I have to do in order to minimize the time needed to raise the funds needed to start the Homesteading Process. (Crowd funding notwithstanding.)

I will try to enjoy my life a bit more (especially with the warm weather returning). I will consider a luxury or two, (I have been musing about getting solar panels).

I will not stop or pause what I am doing just to bring a lady into my life. 

As harsh as it sounds, if a woman does not want to/can’t embrace my goals and lifestyle, then I will wait until I have a house and land to try to attract her. 

This is my life, this is my path, this is my lifestyle, and this is my goal. I will not stop or alter them, but I welcome a lady, the right lady, to enter my life and walk this path with me.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward.

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