Friday 12 April 2019

Faith in Uncertainty

Every so often Boss gets frustrated with this or that at work and lets out, in the midst of a rant, the musing of “shutting down the company.”

This, of course is not what an employee wants to hear, as you are left wondering how long you will have a job for. 

I understand that Boss is a person and so has frustrations and aggravations like the rest of us, yet as a leader, I don’t want to hear that from Boss.

Since I cannot force Boss to keep the company open, as it is Boss’s company and so, Boss can do whatever Boss wants to do with it. This include shutting down a (as far as I know) profitable company.

So what can I, as an average employee, and cog in the machinery that is the company that I work for? Have faith in myself and my skills and ability to survive and thrive, no matter what, that's what. 

In reality, all I can do is be as prudent and fiscally responsible with the funds that I do receive. As in put as much cash as I can into savings as possible, for as long as I do have a job.

So, that is what I will do, keep my head down, master my cash flow and keep working my Grand Savings Plan, all in the midst of corporate and global insecurity.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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