Tuesday 26 June 2018

Propane Problem Update

Okay, so on Friday I posted that both of my propane tanks were empty and I had to go fill both of them after work. 

Well, I did that, and indeed I found a place that still serves propane by the pound (as they’re supposed to). YAY!

The place that I found is Co-op, Woo hoo!

The price wasn’t all that terrible, yet it wasn’t all that great either. The important thing to remember is that I was only charged for what they put in the tank, no extra fees.

Thankfully this particular Co-op is in my Western Home, so I can just fill a tank up when I arrive in my Western Home (before getting settled).

Yet this still leaves the problem of what to do with the automatic switching over and therefore leaving me with no propane at all.

In summer this is an inconvenience yet there also the added urgency of the fact that my fridge works on propane (and electricity).

This means that I need propane at all times (small interruptions are okay).

Now that I know that the system switches over without letting me know that it did, or even what tank it is drawing from, I know that I need to try something different.

What I will do is only keep the tank that is currently drawing propane open. The one that is full but waiting, I will keep shut off.

This way, when the system switches over it will draw no propane and I will know (the stove doesn’t work, and the fridge’s trouble light is on.

Then I can just open up the valve on the full bottle of propane and off I go. I can then fill up just the one now empty bottle of propane, just as before.

Again, try something, see if it works, then revise and try something else. Always improve, never stagnate.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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