Thursday 14 June 2018

Falling Over The Line

Tomorrow is the end of this payperiod (sorta). As in it is the day that my pay period ends and I hand in my timesheet, yet I wait a week to get my paycheque.

I guestimate what my paycheque will be and I overestimate what the taxes and deductions will be, 

I do this so that when I get my paycheque it will be slightly larger than I had estimated. 

Trust me this is a far better sensation than the one you get when you have underestimated what the taxes and deductions will be.

This leaves you with a smaller than expected paycheque and you scrambling to redo your budget so as to make things work . . . not fun.

Speaking of budgeting, I have an amount that I target for myself to bring home each payday, I use this to base my budgets on. 

This number originated from when I needed to make that number or I would be at risk of not paying all of my bills. 

I keep that number, because I have earned back my paycheque, so I can do what I wish with it, not so I can live on less for the bosses. 

As I go through each workday I am always mindful of what my estimated take home pay will be, and if I am on track to making my “Budgetary Minimum” as it were (that magic number for my take home pay).

As the days come close, I am looking to see if I will actually cross over that line (and thereby have a surplus budget (woo hoo) or if I will “fall” over that line. 

What “falling over the line” means to me and my budgeting is, when the anticipated but not estimated difference between my expected paycheque and my actual paycheque actually shoves my paycheque over the line and I make my budgetary minimum anyways. 

This is one of those pay periods and while it is a bit of a game, it is one that I insist on playing because I deserve to reap the rewards of taking back my paycheque.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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