Wednesday 6 June 2018

Almost Half-Way Funded

Here I sit on the edge of payday, but not any payday, a turning point payday. Okay, technically my payday is tomorrow, but I will shove it off until Friday, to save fuel.

This payday will see me fund my Mid-Term Account to its half-way point, and also start to hammer down the Low-Interest Rate Credit Card. 

I estimate that I will complete this credit card payoff by August 7. I would be done by July 22nd if it wasn’t for the truck insurance that I have to pay on July 7th.

It is just nice to see things moving forward and me having a bit of a nest egg, yet at the same time returning to Total Debt Freedom. 

Again, as it stands the balance of the Low Interest Rate Credit Card is about half of what I have (or will have) in the Mid-Term Account this Friday. 

I could pay it off all at once, but I have decided not to do that, as it is depressing to watch my savings drop, only to try to build it up again. 

I will instead just put whatever I can onto the Low-Interest Rate Credit Card each payday until it is gone. 

After that I will (as I have said) continue to fund the Mid-Term Account until it is fully funded (as in when contains has twice what it does now).

It is moments like these that help me stay motivated. As in when I take the time to note that something important is happening, and that I am in fact moving forward.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward.

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