Tuesday 8 May 2018

The Gasoline Pinch

So, yesterday was payday, and part of my running around was to buy fuel at the cheapest place in town (a large wholesale store that sells gasoline only to its members).

I was hoping to save, and I suppose that I did, but it cost me $58.66 and I was over budget (by $8.66) despite my best efforts at saving fuel.

Even worse was that my generator went through the full 20 Litres of fuel in its tank. Again, this is what I get for buying a larger generator. 

Sure, it will have its uses on the property when the homesteading and early construction phases are underway. 

It is also nice to have full power, but a smaller generator would use less fuel and therefore save me cash now. 

It looks like I will have to raise my fuel budget, for the mid-term as these higher fuel costs are not likely to subside anytime soon. 

The other worrying thing is the fact that my trip to Banff is coming up and that will likely triple my fuel budget. 

It also looks like trips to my Mountain Home will be few and far between for the foreseeable future. 

This part of my life is about putting savings in the bank in order to correct a lifetime of fiscal mismanagement in as short a period of time as possible. 

I will get through this, I will adapt, and I will constantly move towards my goals. 

All I can really do is adjust what I am doing in order to deal with what is happening right now, so I can still constantly move towards my goals.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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